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 Our Mission:   To inspire, educate and empower others to thrive instead of just survive.  We are passionately committed to making a significant contribution to this world by building long-lasting relationships and offering common sense solutions and tools to support others in achieving their dreams and aspirations.  We are innovators and wayshowers of possibilities.

Our Give Back Committment:  Through volunteering and charitable giving, we provide support that strengthen our communities. Currently, we volunteer at the Hawaii Island Humane Society and the Aloha Performing Arts Company. We also provide support for ShakleeCares (to help First-Responders at natural disasters sites and then support communities to rebuild in the aftermath of those natural disaster) and the What If? Foundation (providing meals and education for children in Haiti)

Who AM I ?

I AM Marie-anne, Your ShakleeLady  Kiss !

          Shaklee has been such a blessing to my family.  I first started using Shaklee  products back in 1995 because as newlyweds, my husband and I planned on having children.  With that in mind, I knew how important it was for me to take better care of my health before even being pregnant.  After all,  got to have a strong foundation to build a mansion!  The same goes with long-term health and pregnancy.

          We now have 3 wonderful children.  Shaklee nutrition keeps them healthy Laughing .  Shaklee's green cleaners make our home clean without exposures to toxic ingredients.......which is good for our whole family, the earth, and our pets..

        CLICK HERE to see me on youtube demonstrate some of our cleaners.....and Yes, I sold that wedding dress!

          When looking at nutritional supplements, my absolute favorite is Vivix!  CLICK HERE to see me on youtube describing the 4 ways that Vivix helps at the cellular level.  To easily find Vivix or any other Shaklee product, use the search box at the top of all pages.

          I have Bachelor's degree in Holistic Nutrition.  We are what we eat, which is why I chose Shaklee's nutritional supplements.  Our bodies are like checking accounts........if we put counterfeit money in the bank, no matter how good a replica it is, the deposit won't clear.  The same goes with nutritional supplements.  Take the real thing!  Shaklee!

          Besides the wondeful health benefits .......Shaklee has been great for our bank account!  Isn't it time you worked to make your dreams come true instead of your boss's?  Wether you are simply looking to make an extra $200 a month, get your products for free, or benefit from the 400+ available tax deductions.......Use the contact me button at the top and we'll call you to guide you to the information you need.